About Edison

School Update

It has been half a year since Little Edison started pre-school. I’m glad to announce that he is well-settled and he is having a wonderful time at school.

During the first month, he cried from time to time – especially during the separation part in the morning when I leave him at school.

Now, he really likes to go to school. When I ask him about his school, he is bursting to tell me what he did at school, what he learnt, what snacks he was given and what he played with his classmates.

He knows the names of his classmates and he is always full of stories about them. He told me Jeremy sits next to him; Loraine was crying in the morning, he saw Walter in the toilet etc. I really enjoy all these kiddy talks with him about his school and classmates.

Last night, I saw him cutting papers with a pair of scissors and I was totally amazed. I didn’t even know that he can handle a pair of scissors so well. He cut the paper into pieces and he told me that his teacher taught him on how to use the scissors to cut.

In addition, I’m surprised to find out that he has picked up so much English. At times, I really find it hard to believe if I don’t hear it myself.

I’m so glad that he loves going to school everyday. He has progressed a lot since six months ago. I hope that this will lasts for the entire duration of his education.


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