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When we think of Vitamin C, one fruit that always come to our mind is the ORANGE. We seldom think about those succulent greens covered in brown, leathery velvet called KIWI. This fruit is mega rich in Vitamin C which surpasses those in the oranges, and it contains health-giving substances found in other fruits like potassium, beta-carotene and minerals.

Let’s talk a little bit on the health benefits of kiwi. This fruit contains a potent mix of Vitamins A, C and E which are great in protecting our bodies against free radicals damage. This means having a lesser risk of cancer and heart diseases. Kiwi is also great in maintaining youthful and flawless skin.

The dietary fiber in kiwi can aid in improving the conditions of those with diabetes and colon cancer. Kiwi is also great in reducing cholesterol levels, which means lesser risk of heart attack. Lastly, Kiwi’s high vitamin C and potassium content can help reduce risk for cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and even asthma.

Last month, I was invited to a media event at AFC Studios in Orchard Central for the launch of Zespri Kiwifruit season this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend it as I was tied-up with works. Popular food blogger, Dr. Leslie Tay, is the appointed Zespri Ambassador and he talked about the nutritional values of kiwi in his blog. Click HERE to read the article, but I’ve to warn you that it’s a super long post.

I bought some Zespri kiwis from Cold Storage last weekend. The green kiwi has a sweet and mildly zesty taste. The golden kiwi is much sweeter and less zesty than the green kiwi, but they are more expensive too. It’s the first time I ate a golden kiwi, and oh my, it was so delicious!

I tried to convince Little Edison to eat the kiwis. But currently, he is obsessed with strawberry and he refused to eat any other fruits. He has a peculiar eating habit. When he loves a certain fruit, he wants to eat it everyday. Until the day he decides that he had enough, he will stop eating that particular fruit totally. Then, he is willing to try other fruits.

I really enjoy eating these kiwis. And I hope Little Edison will enjoy eating them as much as I do. What about you? Have you tried the Zespri Kiwi? Do you like them?


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Yes, I had taken the green one and after finishing, i felt my tongue, throat and ear
are very itchy then my chest and stomach felt discomfort…. and feel like vomit. is that mean i cannot take kiwi.. so sad.


No, i don’t have any allergic to any fruits so far, but the Kiwi experience is scarily
Love it but now must avoid it. Haha! too bad lar!