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I recently made the biggest purchase in my life on bird’s nest. Here they are – my 6-months supply of bird’s nest. Awww!

I was contemplating to stop my Meiji Amino Collagen supplement and switch to bird’s nest. I’ve been taking the collagen supplement for a month now, but I’m not seeing or ‘feeling’ any improvements. I felt that I should just go ahead and switch to bird’s nest.

Traditionally, well-to-do Chinese ladies consume the bird’s nest to obtain their translucent complexion. And now, modern young ladies are taking bird’s nest to gain fair complexion and maintain youthfulness. Expecting mothers are also consuming bird’s nest for a healthy baby with perfect complexion. As for the elderly, it is taken as an elixir tonic to promote longevity and wellness of health.

The unique combination of its nutrients and proteins makes it easily absorbed into the body and beneficial to anyone and everyone who consume it. It is especially good to woman because it helps to prevent internal dryness and help them look younger, free of wrinkles and smooth radiant complexion.

I googled for more information on bird’s nest and I found this: The best time to consume bird’s nest is night time between 11pm to 1am because this is the best time for our body to absorb nutrients. Alternatively, we can also consume it in the morning between 5am to 7pm. When consuming bird’s nest, we should avoid fried food, dairy products, white radish, motherwort herb and danshen root extract.

I don’t have time to cook bird’s nest everyday. Luckily, we have bottled bird’s nest in the market now. Thanks to technology, we can enjoy the goodness of this rejuvenating health supplement in great convenience.

I choose Eu Yan Sang Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest Series because it does not contain any preservatives, artificial colouring, stabilizer and flavouring. It comes with three variations – with Rock Sugar (purple packaging), with reduced sugar (blue packaging) and sugar-free (green packaging). I like it sweet, so I bought the Rock Sugar version.

Unlike the normal bottled bird’s nest, the Eu Yan Sang Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest Series is rich and thick in its texture. It needs to be refrigerated once opened and to be consumed within two weeks. I’m going to take one spoonful every night from now on.

Given two bottles a month, I bought a total of twelve bottles and they will last me for the next 6 months. It’s my biggest purchase of bird’s nest ever, but there is a 20% storewide discount at Eu Yan Sang. Usual price is $75/bottle. With the 20% discount and no-GST (Changi Airport branch only), the price is only $56 ($19 savings per bottle). I thought I should just stock them up. 


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Hi Emily,
I happened to get to your blog by chance which is a really lovely chance, I’m a mother of 3 little girls and doing my phd which has turned my life to a night mare. I became very busy and unable to control my fully busy scheduel to fit my daily health care!
I loved your reviews. May I ask you about this bird’s nest. what is it originally? I’m vegan. would it be ok to use?
How did you find it after using it from August?


Hi! Did you buy them in the departure hall? Ill be in transit hall next week and trying to look for eu yan sang!