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Constipation Remedies

Last month, I wrote about the constipation problem with Little Edison. The issue was escalated to his teacher and even the school principal. It wasn’t intentional though. That morning, he was constipated. His teacher had to bring him to the toilet for three times before he managed to pass motion. She was concerned about his painful bowel movement and thus, she highlighted the problem to me.

I tried various natural remedies to resolve his constipation problem. A month later, he is back to normal with regular bowel movements. I want to thank everyone for your valuable advice and recommendations. Thank you so much!

Here are some of the remedies that I’ve tried and they really work! He has bowel movements every two days now and he doesn’t complain about pain anymore.

1. Increase the intake of fruits in his diet – Fruit is a wonderful natural laxative, and thankfully, he enjoys eating fruits. Apples, oranges, grapes and strawberries are his favorites. We give him fruits twice a day.

2. Encourage him to drink plenty of water – Not juice, not milk but pure water. If he refuses to drink, I’ll add some Ribena. This helps to keep him well hydrated.

3. Feed him with probiotic food and drinks such as yogurt and Yakult – They contain specific bacteria that the digestive system needs. 


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Really informative post. Pure water sure do helps a lot when you are constipated. My nephew suffered from constipation last month and I witnessed how he endured the pain. He enjoys eating various fruit. However, there are certain fruit which also cause constipation.