Dining Out

Dining out with a toddler in tow can be a real challenge. No matter how delicious the food is and how lovely the ambience is, he just couldn’t sit still to enjoy his meal. The most frustrating part is when he starts to have a public meltdown halfway through the meal.

Well, it happens to us almost every weekend. On good days, he will finish his meal before climbing down the high chair. On bad days, however, he refuses to eat and he only wants to run around the restaurant. I’m at my wits end now; I really do not know how to make him sit on his high chair and stay at the table until we have finished our meals.

To make the most of dining out with Little Edison, here are some of my tricks – although they may not work all the time.

1. Always choose a family-friendly restaurant

I always make sure that the restaurant has high chairs and kid’s menu before we step in. Kid’s meals are usually delicious and appetizing enough to tempt the pickiest eater.

2. Pack some toys or snacks to satisfy his busy hands

A toy car, a small puzzle or even a lollipop can do the trick sometimes and keep him occupied through the meal.

3. Order an ice-cream for him when #1 and #2 don’t work

This will definitely keep him at the table, although it’s not a very good choice.

4. Lastly, ask for boxes to pack-up the food and skip the dessert – if none of the above works.

Gone are the days of late, lingering dinners at our favorite hawker centers, we have given up on hawker food with Little Edison in tow. Our choice of food and location have changed drastically now. Well, that’s the least that we can do in order to indulge in good food while keeping our sanity.

What about you? Do you have any survival tips to share? I love to hear them.


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