Edison’s 3rd Birthday (Part 1)

Birthday is always a special time for our children.

This year, Little Edison’s birthday falls on a public holiday as well as school holiday. As there will also be Teacher’s Day celebration before the school holiday, we decided to hold his birthday celebration at school two weeks before his actual day.

And that was last Friday!

The teachers were so kind to organize the celebration for Little Edison. I bought two boxes of cupcakes – mini ones for the children and standard cupcakes for the teachers from Sweetest Moments. We prepared goodie bags for the children and teachers too. I was so busy packing these stuffs last weekend. I bought cartoon stationeries, snacks and chocolates for the goodie bags.

His teacher also offered to take some pictures for us. I was so touched. Here are some of the pictures to share:

Little Edison was so happy to celebrate his birthday with his teachers and friends at school. He was constantly smiling in all the pictures.

This is my favorite picture. Trying to snap a decent picture of all the children is not an easy task, and I’m amazed that his teacher can snap such an excellent picture.

The mini cupcakes from Sweetest Moments look like this. It is 3.5cm in diameter, available in box of 30pcs and 54pcs and also two color themes – pink and blue. We can choose the icing decorations and personalize our greetings too. Why I choose cupcakes? I find that it will be easier for the teachers to distribute, no cutting needed and less mess. The cupcakes taste good too!

Last weekend, Little Edison kept telling me how his friends sang birthday song for him, how they clapped their hands and how he blew the candles. I can feel his happiness, and I’m happy for him too.



6 thoughts on “Edison’s 3rd Birthday (Part 1)

  1. Hey, little Edison is surely very happy .. look at his smile.. so cute :)..Happy Birthday to him.

    I have yet to prepare my girl’s birthday celebration in her school. gotten some Barney stuff for her classmates..i think i will get her swensen ice cream cake..all children will love ice cream i guess.. haaa

    Looking forward to your Part II ya!

    1. Hi Mico,
      Thanks! 🙂 Just get the cake, and the teachers will arrange the celebration. Your missy will surely be delighted to celebrate her birthday with so many friends at school.

      It’s Edison’s first time too. I’m sure it’s a memorable event for him. I will print out the photos and put them into his album soon.

      Part 2 is coming up next week. We will celebrate with family members this weekend.

    1. Hi Nickee,
      Yes, it’s one of his biggest grin. His teacher is so good with the camera. Usually, when I want to take his picture, he will either turn away or grab my camera to play.

    1. Hi Sweetest Moments Design Team,
      Pls feel free to link my post to your website. We love your cupcakes so much. 🙂

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