Edison & Hello Kitty

Little Edison really likes Hello Kitty. I have a pink Hello Kitty soft toy at home, bought by a friend of mine from Taiwan. Now, this Hello Kitty becomes his best friend. He carries her wherever he goes.

It’s quite funny though – to see a boy hugging a Hello Kitty. Anyway, there is no gender stereotype in my household. He is allowed to play with any toys that he likes.

Yesterday, I saw this Hello Kitty bag in a stationery shop. It is really cute; I couldn’t resist so I bought the bag. I thought Little Edison might like it.

And he really does!



2 thoughts on “Edison & Hello Kitty

  1. Aiyo… u r really funny. If I ever do that, my hubby will definately scold me. He sets clear boundaries what toys should boys and girls play.

    1. Edison has pink kitchen set and soft toys too. I’m neutral, no gender stereotype. He can play with whatever he wants, as long as it is safe.

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