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Gardening with a toddler, do you think that it’s fun or a complete waste of time?

I feel that Little Edison will love it, because he enjoys spending time in the garden. In his grandparent’s house, there are limes and chillies planted in the garden. He will check the plants everyday and count the number of limes and chillies. He likes to pluck the limes and squeezes them too.

He waters the plants, digs the sand, pulls the weeds and marvels at the bugs and worms. To help him gain a better understanding of how the garden works, I explained to him how seeds grow, when they start to sprout and how the plants get their nourishment from the soil, sun and water.

This morning, when I stumbled upon this Bulk Purchase on Kids Fun Mini Garden (picture above), I told myself that this is the best starter kit for Little Edison to learn gardening. Each set comes with planting medium, seeds and mini garden tools. So cute!

I’m not sure how difficult it is to grow the plant. But hey, it’s just $8.90! It’s so cheap; I should just buy it and give it a try. If you are interested, go check out this Bulk Purchase in SMH forum.


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I would think it’s a great activity for our 3 yo.. do u think u can help me to order one more set? cos i cant access forum ? pleaseeee…do they post it to us or any self collection ?


ohh.. they have different design to choose from ? aiya.. in that case i order from home la.. cos i tot if they closin today then i cant access .. heee.. Thanks for sharing all the goodies ya !