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For a three-year-old kid like Little Edison, he is still very much a sensory learner. He loves to explore colors, scent and texture. In this aspect, Play-Doh serves as an excellent toy that can hours of fun. He likes to squeeze the dough through his fingers and manipulate them into different shapes. He also learns the properties of colors by mixing them up.

Play-Doh is fairly inexpensive in Singapore, and it will last longer if it is properly used and cared for. When not in use, the Play-Doh should be kept in a tightly sealed container. Clean hands are very important too; they keep germs and foreign materials away from the dough.

If the dough becomes dry or harden, we can easily restore its softness by adding water one drop at a time to moisten it. Alternatively, we can wrap the dough in a damp paper towel and keep it in a container overnight.

A clean, smooth and washable surface works best with Play-Doh. We have a dedicated table for him to play with Play-Doh at home. It’s easier to clean on the table, than on the floor. I discourage him from playing on the floor because the residues will stick on his pants and go all the way to the sofa and bed when he sits on them. In addition, it makes the floor sticky and oily.

The most important point here is to train him to clean his hands before and after each play. I nag emphasize on cleanliness everyday. After playing, the dough should be kept into the containers and properly sealed to prevent drying-up.

He has a kitchen set and he enjoys making burgers with the dough. The other day, the helper made a lizard for him. He took the ‘lizard’ to my room and said “Mama, got lizard!” I freaked out as I thought he was holding a real lizard! It looked so real!

Little Edison also enjoys making numbers and alphabets with Play-Doh. 

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Hi Emily,
May be you can try the yummy dough, it is an edible dough where you may bake and eat the craft after the whole fun session. =) (I am not the seller but come across this item thru FB)