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I was saddened by the news of yet another maid abuse case in Malaysia few days ago. In the recent case, a couple abused their Indonesian maid with a hot iron and scalding water. The employer is also accused of repeatedly raping the maid, with his wife watching. I can’t help but to question what is in the mind of this couple. Are they insane or overly-stressed?

Last year, the Indonesian government has barred domestic workers from going to Malaysia after a series of mistreatment and abuse cases. This causes a shortage of domestic workers in Malaysia. Families who rely on Indonesian maids will have to look for alternatives from neighboring countries.

I always think that if an employer is not satisfied with her maid, he/she should repatriate her or transfer her back to the agent and they should NEVER resort to violence. After all, we’re all human beings that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The maids should not be treated in an unjust and cruel way, no matter what.

Being an employer myself, I always treat my maid with respect. In my opinion, there are five basic elements that we should provide to our maids – respect, privacy, sleep, food and salary. With a proper management, we can definitely enjoy their services rather than being stuck in a power-struggle every day. Ultimately, finding a perfect maid is not just about luck.


Maids deserve to be treated fairly. If we have children at home, we are also setting a good example to them when we treat our maids with respect. This in turns bring better results in their work attitude.


We value our privacy, so do our maids. I don’t pry into her personal affairs and I don’t check her belongings. I don’t think there is a need to do so, unless we have evidence of her stealing or cheating.


A well-rested maid is certainly more productive. As much as I can, I allow my maid to sleep at least 8 hours a day and have short breaks during the day.

Treat our maids with care and respect, they will find it a delight to work for us. Ultimately, being able to trust them is our biggest peace of mind. It’s a win-win situation after all.


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