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Edison’s 3rd Birthday (Part 2)

Last Saturday, we went for buffet dinner at Noble House Restaurant to celebrate Little Edison’s birthday. This is our birthday boy, in his new RL Polo shirt.

The next celebration was at our house. We ordered a Sesame Street fresh strawberry cream cake from Pine Garden. The design of the cake is very beautiful; Little Edison was thrilled to see the Sesame Street characters on the cake.

We aren’t throwing a big bash, just a small celebration with our closest family members. Nonetheless, it was a momentous occasion. It’s hard to believe that our boy is now three years old, because it seems more like a blink of an eye to us.

We’re truly thankful to see him growing up day by day, happy, healthy and full of energy. We’re so blessed to have him in our family. And in turn, this boy is so blessed to have so many people who love him dearly.

Last night, I was browsing through my photo albums. I saw pictures of him taking his first steps, calling Papa and Mama for the first time, his first kiddy ride, his first swimming experience and so on. He is now a little boy, who is so independent and started schooling.

Most importantly, he is always my dear son who loves me and never fails to shower me with hugs and kisses everyday.

“Dear Edison, Happy 3rd Birthday to you. Mommy will always love you!”


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Happy 3rd birthday to you, Edison! Stay happy and healthy all year round. 🙂


Happy Birthday, Edison!!

He looked so happy and cheeky in the photos.


Happy Birthday, nephew Edison!