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Edison Turns Three

Little Edison turns three today. I still remember him, as a baby, he was always happy, manageable and fuss-free. Now as a toddler, he is utterly strong-willed, active and quick-witted.

First of all, he speaks a lot now. He is articulate, eloquent and has excellent pronunciation. He uses language not just to communicate his own needs, but also to listen to the views of others. We chat with him every day and we ask him simple questions about himself and his feelings. He certainly has a lot to say. And of course, our interest in his spoken words encourages him greatly.

In terms of emotion, Little Edison is a very affectionate kid. When Daddy is angry, he will say, “Papa, don’t be angry.” When I’m angry due to his misbehave, he will walk up to me and say, “Mama, I’m sorry.” He will then hug me and say, “I love Mama.”

Now that he is 3 years old, his independence takes a huge surge forward. He begins to gain bowel and bladder control at night. He is learning to be a ‘big boy’ now. Night training is in our plan. We’re prepared for the extra washing when we began the process. Ultimately, achieving night dryness is not going to happen instantly. We need to be patient and we’re so glad that he is ready to cooperate with us.

Little Edison has a natural tendency to be caring towards others. I’ve seen him comforting his tearful friend at school. I’m so happy to see the caring instinct in him. We constantly encourage him to share and demonstrate kindness to others, especially in school. This year, he started his pre-school and he has a lot of opportunities to develop his social skills.

Starting pre-nursery is the biggest step in his life this year. No doubt, we experienced a lot of anxiety and tearful separation at the start. When he was finally settled at school, we’re so relieved. Now, I’m glad to announce that my boy loves his school so much.

He is pretty good in getting around. Now that his balance, coordination and muscle strength are greater, he becomes more adventurous with outdoor play equipment. Stairs are no longer a major hurdle for him. Nonetheless, he is sometimes reckless with his safety. As a result, he is prone to tumble and falls.

All in all, Little Edison is a very cool little kid, sociable, happy and always active. We all love him to bits.


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