iPhone 4

I’ve always been a person who is least interested in iPhone. It’s not only iPhone, but any sophisticated and high-tech gadgets that require a long time for me to learn how to use it. I’m simply lazy and impatient.

Last week, my boss was away on business trip when the Singtel delivery guy came to deliver her iPhone 4. I received the phone on her behalf. I asked one of our engineers to check the phone and confirm that nothing is missing from the box. Luckily, it all went well.

From that day onwards, this phone has been bugging me. I heard it whispers to me, “Come and check me out! I’m so cool and no one can resist me.”

I kept hearing this for one week and I gave up. I rang up the Singtel guy and asked him about my contract. He informed me that I’m eligible for re-contract. For re-contract under my corporate plan, I’m entitled to $200 discount on the phone.

This means that I only need to pay $160 (after $200 discount) to get an iPhone 4 32MB. That’s simply too cheap and I submitted my application form immediately.

Now, I’m waiting for my iPhone 4. As expected, it is out of stock and the waiting time is approximately two weeks. On top of my shopping list now, I want to get these two iPhone accessories:

SGP Case NEO HYBRID EX Series in Champagne Gold for Apple iPhone 4

This is the most beautiful iPhone 4 case that I’ve ever seen online. Anybody knows when the stock will be available?

Kensington Windscreen Car Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle for iPhone

Can somebody let me know if this car mount is compatible with iPhone 4? I heard that it’s NOT.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4

    1. Hi Sam,
      Still dunno when the stock is coming in. No date from Singtel yet. I’m going to get one for my hubby too. Time for us to upgrade ourselves. Haha! iPhone first, probably will go for iPad next.

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