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Mooncake Festival

Tomorrow is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is important for the Chinese for its historical value. On this day, family members who are working abroad will return to their hometown to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. They will gather under the full moon, eat mooncakes, pomelos and dates in the open air. Children will carry lanterns in assorted shapes and sizes.

When I was a child, I really looked forward to this festival every year. I can still remember how I used to play paper lanterns with lighted candles with my siblings and neighbours. We walked around the village carrying our lanterns. We lined up colorful candles on the gates and light up the entire place. The atmosphere was lively. I really miss those days.

Anyway, I’m really thankful that mooncakes exist on this festival because they’re one of the most amazing treats in the world. I like the traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and salted egg yolks. Nowadays, there are many more innovative versions of mooncakes – ice-cream mooncakes, durian mooncakes and even the liquer ones. Personally, I really like snowskin mooncakes that are served chilled because of their soft and chewy texture.

Last year, our neighbour bought a battery-operated lantern with music for Little Edison. However, the music was too loud and he freaked out whenever we turned it on. At the end, he never played with that lantern at all. This year, Godpa bought him a paper lantern with candle. We think that he is old enough to handle the candle this year. He loves it so much. Traditional paper lanterns are still the best!

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!


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Ha! these traditional lanterns in your pic was what I carried when I was young! I still think they are the best as they are so colorful and nice…. 🙂