Teacher’s Day

It is the day when teachers are recognized by their students for all the hard works they’ve done. The celebration brought teachers and students together, on this special day, as the students present gifts and appreciation notes to their teachers.

Little Edison’s school celebrated their Teacher’s Day last Tuesday. I really like his teachers. They are loving and passionate to the children. I can also feel that they love their job so much by talking with them and observing how they interact with the children.

Every morning during drop off, Little Edison will hug his teacher. And in return, his teacher will tell him to wave goodbye to me before I leave. Even the school principal stands at the entrance to welcome the students in the morning. It’s very heart-warming!

I always feel that early childhood educator is a very noble profession. They play a major role in shaping our children and developing their learning skills in the early years.

I prepared some gifts and appreciation notes for Little Edison to present to his teachers on this special day. “To all the teachers, thank you for teaching and caring for our children. You are an important part of their lives.”


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