Kindy Graduation Concert

We attended the Kindergarten Graduation Concert in Little Edison’s school last night. It was fun and exciting, watching our little boy performing on stage.

Before the concert, we were informed that no photography and video-recording are allowed. The school has engaged a professional photographer to take pictures and the concert will be recorded as well.

Parents can purchase pictures and DVD of the concert through the class teachers. The innocent me just left the camera at home. When I reached the school hall, I was surprised to see everyone snapping away with their cameras. V teased me again for being so innocent. Singaporeans don’t care, he commented. He is right again.

Well, I managed to snap a few pictures with my iPhone. However, the picture quality deteriorated badly after a zoom.

The concert started with an opening speech from the school principal. After the prayer, the graduating K2 students marched into the hall in their graduation gown. One by one, they walked up the stage to receive their graduation certificates from the principal and Pastor.

Certificate presentation to the graduating K2 children

I’ve to wait for another three years to see my little boy walking up that stage in his graduation gown. Phew!

Performance from the pre-nursery children

After the certificate presentation, the concert began with performances from the pre-nursery children. Little Edison’s class was the second to perform. When the first class was performing, I heard laughters from all over the hall. Some of the children were literally day-dreaming on stage. Only a minority few were dancing. The class teacher was standing in front of the stage to guide the little children.

That’s our little boy on stage – leftmost in yellow attire

Soon, it was Little Edison’s turn. For the first few minutes, he was busy looking around the stage – the big display, the camera-man, the audience etc. I know him well, he gets distracted easily. Especially with new environment, he will scan every single corner of it.

Luckily, with his teacher’s guidance, he started dancing along with his classmates. Although it’s just a short performance, we know that the children have practiced very hard for the show. We’re proud of Little Edison for every effort that he put in before and during the show. Well done, boy!

Class Photo. I like this one!

I asked V, “Why is our boy standing on the leftmost and not at the center? Is he less talented than the others?”

V replied, “Don’t worry, dear. Andy Lau started his acting career as an extra without any proper dialogue too. Now, he is an award-winning actor.”

Okay, he is right (again).


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