School Bully

Oh my, I can’t believe I’ve to worry about this issue so soon. I know that bullying at school is nothing new, but I can’t believe that even preschoolers can experience it.

Yes, there is a bully in Little Edison’s class. No, he is definitely NOT the bully. Given his small build, friendly and sociable character, I don’t think that he will ever bully anyone at school.

This morning when Daddy V was waiting for Little Edison to be dismissed from his class, he witnessed one boy repeatedly slapping Edison’s back with his hand. He held Edison’s hands with his other hand so that he is unable to defend.

I was so mad. I want to know who that bully is, and most importantly, who his parents are. I certainly want to confront them and ask them what is wrong with his son.

Of course, Daddy V is super mad too. He reported the incident to the teacher immediately. Apparently, the teacher seems to be aware of the issue. I want to know how she is going to tackle the problem.

Intellectually, I know that children don’t always get along. Especially at the age of three, they are quite territorial. Pushing, hitting and difficulty in sharing are common behaviors in young children.

Emotionally, it can be traumatic for parents like us to witness our children being bullied, sometimes violently, by their peers.

I want to talk to the teacher tomorrow. To be continued…


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Poor Edison! Have you talked to the teachers?