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When Little Edison started pre-school in January this year, he became well-known for his tearful separation with me every single morning for almost ONE month. He was probably the second last to settle down in class and stop crying.

Ten months later, the situation is totally opposite. When I send him to school this morning, he walks ahead of me, just like an old pro. He greets his teacher and proceeds to the routine temperature check.

After that, I bring him to the hall where all the students gather every morning. I give him a goodbye kiss and I step out. He walks into the hall confidently and sits next to his friends. I observe him for another five minutes before I leave the school. I know that he does not miss me anymore. As a matter of fact, he really enjoys going to school now.

One of the major benefits that I’ve found of him going to pre-school is that he is making new friends with kids of his age. His ability to form friendships at this age is a great confidence builder for him. Prior pre-school, his playmates were limited to the adults at home. Now, he gains more playmates than what he had before.

To us, we’re happy to get a break in the morning when he is at school. The helper can concentrate doing the house chores in the morning. My mother-in-law will go for her routine grocery shopping and morning exercise. My father-in-law can sleep in a little without being awakened by his noise. Daddy V and I can go to work with a peace of mind.

Next month, there will be another parent-teacher meeting to review his progress in the second half of this year. Term 4 school holidays will start on 20 Nov and he is officially ‘graduated’ from his pre-nursery.

One year has gone by. No wonder they coined the phrase “time flies” because it really is!


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Kids really do grow up so fast…my boy also started pre-nursery this year and it has been really heartening to hear him talking about all his friends in school. School really helps with socialisation and help them with their social skills.

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Hi Emily, It is gratifying that you shared your experiences when Little Edison started school. I am facing the same problems now with my boy who just started nursery and he is having very bad separation anxiety. He cries incessantly saying he wants to be with Mummy and Daddy. It is very stressful and doesn’t seem that it will stop anytime soon. Any advice on how to handle this?