Everyday Things

The Grasshopper

It was 6pm; I was rushing off from work to fetch my little boy from his grandparent’s house. When I reached, this is what I saw …

He was feeding a grasshopper with grass. He plucked the grass and made them into small pieces. He observed how the grasshopper eats and he said, “The poor grasshopper is so hungry!”

He gleefully showed to me how he caught that grasshopper with his bare hands. I replied him with clenched teeth, “Good job, boy! Now set it free and wash your hands.”

Seriously, I’m not a fan of any creepy crawlies. They freak me out too.

Before we left, he told the grasshopper, “See you tomorrow!” Well, he didn’t know that tomorrow is Saturday and he doesn’t go to his grandparent’s house on weekends.

I doubt he can still find that grasshopper on Monday.


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so cute lil’ edison wearing ‘L’ size slippers..hehe