Me Time

Busy November

November is going to be a very busy month for me. Tomorrow, I’ll be creeping towards another black hole at work. Hopefully, it will disappear by end of the month but until then I’ll have very limited time apart from trudge to work, get through the day, trudge back home, spend a little time with Little Edison before I crash into bed. I’m going to miss my blog again.

For the next two weeks, I need to participate in the user acceptance testing (UAT) of a new supply planning system that the company is going to implement early next year. The challenge is not the system itself but to manage my daily works and reporting when I’m physically seated in the conference room whole day for the UAT. So, it’s going to be mad multitasking again.

The system is developed by a supply-chain company that is aimed to provide the best supply-chain solution that helps our company’s business growth and to operate in a more efficient and sustainable way. From raw materials to finished goods, the system provides understanding of supply chain obstacles and opportunities; creates optimal supply plans that maximize customer service while maintaining low inventory level.

It may sound like a perfect solution for the company, but many of us are worried about how this system will affect our current work. New procedures need to be established. The transition period from the old to new system is going to be challenging but I wouldn’t say it is killing us. By hook or by crook, the system has to go-live early next year – a target set by the higher management.

On the bright side, I’m really looking forward December because my mother and siblings will be coming to Singapore to visit me. I miss them so much and I’ll be taking a few days off to bring them around. I’ll be going to the Universal Studios again for sure. Little Edison will have heaps of fun mingling with his cousins. And it’s school holidays too!

On an even brighter side, the company will be shutting down for a week during Christmas. Yippee! I’m sooOoo looking forward a break. I’ve yet to plan what to do during this week but I know I desperately need a new hairdo. However, no overseas holiday plan as V needs to work on that week.


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