Changi Christmas Fantasy

We are regulars at the Changi Airport and we visit the place almost every week. This is simply because the airport is so nice and clean, it takes only 15 minutes drive from our home via expressway and the parking space is so huge. There is no need to wait at all; perfect for impatient people like me.

The cheap car park fee also makes the airport a popular hangout for many families. We’ve observed a significant growth in the number of local visitors at the airport, mainly families with young children.

With the festive season and school holidays, a host of activities are lined up at the airport now. From beautiful festive decorations, fabulous giveaways, song and dance performances to exciting activities for children, Changi Airport is definitely a must-visit destination! Oh, have I mentioned about the shopping offers? Visitors can redeem gifts by spending a minimum of $50 by Visa or $80 by other means.

If you’ve been to T3 recently, you’ll notice some constructions going on at the B2 Mall. It is actually a blogshop bazaar retail concept featuring three thematic retail zones, namely ladies’ fashionwear, kids’ merchandise and gadgets plus gift items from popular blogshops. Blogshops@Changi will start its operation from 4 December 2010 from 10am to 11pm.

On the festive decorations, a magical teapot is now displayed in the middle of T3’s Departure Hall. Visitors can experience hourly light-ups with exciting effects and a chance to win great prizes too. At hourly intervals (7-10pm on weekdays and 1-10pm on weekends), colorful balls will emerge from the teapot. Participants with balls of the winning color that will be announced after the balls are dispensed will win attractive prizes.

The popular Christmas Fantasy Castle is also making a return this Christmas from 4 December 2010. Simply present a receipt with any amount spent at Changi Aiport, we can bring our children to a bouncy good time at this castle. It is open from noon to 10pm daily at T3’s Departure Hall Row 11.

Are these enough to convince you to visit the Changi Airport during this festive season? If you’ve not been to this place, I highly recommend that you bring your family members and children here. I’m sure all of you will have heaps of fun.

Here is Daddy V and Little Edison at the magical teapot!

For more information on Changi Christmas Fantasy, please click HERE.


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