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Busy… busy…

It has been a very busy week. I was on annual leave for two days last week as my mother and siblings were in Singapore to visit me. We had a fantastic gathering, and we brought the kids to the Polliwogs and Universal Studios. Heaps of fun definitely, but it’s very tiring too. I’ll share some pictures on my blog when I have time to process them.

I’m returning to work this week. Work has steadily piled up when I was away, but again, what is normal these days except being busy? As much as I enjoy being a full-time working mom, sometimes I do wonder if it worth trading our time for money. I spend ten hours at work, five days a week. To a certain extent, I really do miss the daily routine with Little Edison – I’m unable to pick him from school in the afternoon, prepare lunch for him, feed him and shower him.

As a matter of fact, I leave my office at 6pm everyday. After office hours and weekends are strictly reserved for family. I have dinner with Little Edison, shower him in the evening, read story books with him and tuck him to sleep at night. V thinks that I should delegate the duties to our helper and get some rest after a long day at work. But I feel that it’s vital to have some bonding time with my son everyday.

To a large degree, I really do envy work at home moms. They can take a portion out of their day and spend it with their children, have a dedicated space for home office and save time from travelling to work. Most importantly, they can leave the office politics behind and take time-off as and when they need it.

Any work at home moms here? I love to hear your feedback.


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