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Edison – 3 Years, 3 Months

Little Edison turns three years and three months old today. If you were to ask me how to describe him at this age, I would say that he is extremely active, enjoys talking and loves to ask questions.

On being active

He is on the go all the time – no matter how much he runs around, he never tires. Considering the fact that this fussy eater eats so little everyday, I really wonder where his energy comes from.

He prefers energetic movement play rather than games that require him sitting still. He is also more adventurous with play equipments now. Two weeks ago when he was sliding down a spiral slide in an indoor playground (I think the slide is quite high for his age), he told me, “Mama, no need to hold me. I’m big boy already.” I was amazed.

Enjoys talking

He enjoys talking nowadays, even when we would rather have some peace and quietness at times. He combines words, gestures and facial expressions to make his accounts more vivid and interesting. His words flow more easily with less efforts.

He is now able to use language more efficiently, partly due to his increased vocabulary and partly due to his better listening skills. He learns a great deal about language just by listening to us. His sentences become longer with more gramatical structure and they carry more meaning too.

Recently, he likes to pronounce long words with four or more syllables. He finds them very challenging and fun. He pronounced chrysanthemum as ‘chry-san-mum-mum’. When I laughed, he thought that it was funny.

Asks lots of questions

This is the toughest part to deal with. Why this, why that? His questions are more penetrating now as he seeks more detailed information from us.

Little children are naturally curious. When he asks questions, no matter how trivial the questions are, or how busy I am, I will always answer his questions in an appropriate way. Asking questions encourage thinking. Answering questions encourage further thinking. That’s how he can extend his knowledge and make sense of the world around him.

Last but not least, he is no longer so dependent on me. He strives to manage things by himself. I love to hear him say, “Mama, I’m big boy already.” But in my heart, he will always be my baby.


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