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Haircut? No more fear…

It’s time to get a haircut before the school re-opens in January. It’s good to look neat too on his first day at school.

We brought him to our usual place – Okinawa $10 haircut salon at Compass Point. I’m so glad it all went well without any crying or objection. He has finally overcome his fear of haircuts.

A child’s natural fear of haircuts is very common. For Little Edison, the worst part of his fear isn’t those looming scissors but the panicky feeling of being confined in a big plactic cape and on a high odd-looking chair.

To make haircuts as pleasant as possible, I usually bring his favorite toys and some snacks to distract him. Instead of using the plastic cape in the salon, I bring his own towel. For the past few occasions, I sat on the chair, covered with plastic cape before he sat on my lap and had his haircut. Gradually, he becomes less tense and able to stay calm throughout the process. I guess it’s also due to his familiarity with the salon and his friendly hairdresser after a few visits.

During his most recent haircut, he has completely overcome his fear. He sat on the high-chair all by himself and he surprised us by allowing the hairdresser to put on the plastic cape on him. He sat still for the entire ten minutes and the hairdresser gave him the best haircut ever.

I’m so proud of him. Well done, Little Edison!


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