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In the last week of November before the school holiday starts, we attended the second parent-teacher meeting at Little Edison’s school. Although this is not our first meeting, but I still feel anxious and excited as ever.

I really wonder how you, mothers, feel when you attend the parent-teacher meeting at your child’s school. Are you nervous and excited? Or are you just taking it as another ordinary day?

Frankly, I was a little paranoid about his performance at school. It wasn’t because of the lack of confidence in him, but I do feel that being the only child at home, he is rather pampered and well-protected. Nonetheless, I still enjoy visiting the teachers and seeing what my little boy had been doing in his school for the past eleven months.

What I really love about his school is that the teachers, principal and staffs are very friendly. They always do their best to make the children feel welcome when they reach the school. The teachers even address the children by their names, although they are from different classes.

The parent-teacher meeting went well as I’ve expected. All his teachers assured me that he is doing well in class. In general, he is displaying most of the milestones of a 3-year-old. He is also independent, cooperative, sociable and obedient. I feel so happy hearing all these positive words from his teachers.

As compared to first half of the year, he is now more vocal and able to express his thoughts, likes and dislikes. His teacher once commented that he had difficulties learning in a group-setting. However, she starts to see improvement in him in this aspect. It is still too early to conclude whether he has any attention difficulties, but she will continue to monitor his progress.

I must say that I’m really impressed with the achievements that he has made this year. From a difficult beginning (with lots of crying and separation anxiety), he has now successfully completed his pre-nursery. Since he started pre-school, his independence has taken a huge surge forward. He is also able to hold logical conversations with me and share with me in details about his day at school.

I certainly hope that his pre-school days will remain one of the joyful moments that he will grow up remembering. He loves his school, and we’re glad that we made the right choice for him.


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Hi Dear, busy busy month huh. same here. my last 2 weeks of working before i take the rest of the weeks off for this year ! yipee ! cant wait. Me too, had the meet-the-parents sesion for my girl. I was glad with the feedback too. But hey, don’t feel anxious, they are jst 3 you know, how will you feel when they are 7(primary 1).. i cant imagine, I was rather relax though as i feel at this age, the ultimate goal for them to go to pre-school is to enjoy, learn to be independent and socialise.. they… Read more »