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Merry X’mas!

Finally, I’ve reached my last official day at work this year. Will be leaving at 12 noon today and have a nice Christmas eve lunch with V.

I will be spending this morning tidying loose ends – which means everything from tidying my desk to clearing the piles of used papers, making sure all e-mails are replied, cups are washed, out-of-office notice is put up, X’mas greetings are sent and presents are distributed. Today happens to be my 7th anniversary in this company too. 🙂

2010 has been a remarkable year for me. There are changes in responsibilities which are tough at the beginning but yet the most fulfilling when I settled down. I love my new role and I will continue to do my best.

To all my friends and readers – I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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