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Toy Dilemma

As I step my foot into the living hall, chances are I am stepping on a toy. It could be anything from a stuffed bear, a toy car (ouch, pain!), pieces of puzzles or wooden blocks. I know I’m not alone as a mother in this situation. Most of us are in fact living in a household with lots of toys scattered around. How much is too much, anyway?

During the first year, I was worrying if he had enough toys to play with. I bought many of them, and I also rented a few bigger toys to keep him occupied. As I sat in the living hall full of colorful toys, I watched him play. He had fun chewing, pulling, ripping and throwing them all over the floor.

During the second year, I started to feel that I may be focusing on the wrong aspects of childhood. Now that he has every option in the world of things to play with, he chooses me. Too many toys mean that he probably doesn’t even remember what he has. He wants me to bring him out whenever I’m at home. He prefers being outdoor now.

This year, I’ve stopped buying toys. Okay, not completely though. I only buy the ‘right’ toys, mostly educational toys and for special occasions only. Daddy V is the happiest because this decision of mine really saves a lot of space at home (not to mention the $$$).

We organise more weekend outings for him. Even when V has to work on weekends, I’ll bring him to the library on my own. He loves the library so much. We borrow some of the books, so that we don’t have to buy too much.

Next time when we’re in the toy store, I’ll tell him this, “We are only buying toys on special occasions like birthday. If you see anything that you like, we’ll put it on your wish-list.”. That should solve my problem for now.


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