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Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is one of today’s most popular cartoon character and most enjoyable children TV show. I’m sure most of you knows Dora. If you don’t, here is a brief introduction of Dora.

Dora is a fun-loving girl who enjoys adventures with her friend Boots the Monkey. Often, they’re on a quest to retrive lost items or help someone who is in trouble. To get to their destination, Dora and Boots seek the help of their friends, Map and Backpack. Map shows them the direction and check their progress. Backpack, on the other hand, provides them with the necessary tools.

On each episode, Dora and Boots need to solve puzzles and overcome three obstacles in their adventures. They often speak directly to the children to get them involved too, i.e. “Say it with us”, “Again! Louder” etc. When Dora achives her goal, she leads everyone to sing the “We did it!” song. Everybody does the “We did it!” dance too.

Little Edison is a big fan of Dora. He can spend hours watching the Dora show, but of course, I’ve to set a limit before he turns into a TV addict. He ever asked for a pink Dora bag, but I had to say “No” because it is too girlish for him. I want to buy a blue Diego bag for him instead, but I’ve no luck. I haven’t seen any Diego bag so far.

There are a few reasons why we love Dora. Firstly, she is very helpful. Together with her trusty pals Boots, Map and Backpack, they work as a team to help others who are in trouble. She is a great role model for children – to be helpful to others and have team work.

Secondly, Dora is also very courteous. When Swiper the Fox tries to take something from her, she simply tells him “No”. He respects her so much that he listens. When she gets help from someone, she says “Thanks for helping.” Dora teaches the children about good manners.

Thirdly, Dora is loyal to her friends and have strong relationships with her family which includes her Mami, Papi, baby brother and sister, grandmother and cousin Diego). She takes great prides in these relationships and she takes care of her family too. Again, Dora teaches the children to love their family and friends.

Last but not least, Dora introduces Spanish words into the children’s vocabulary. She also teaches them about numbers, colours, shapes, animals and phrases. I certainly agree that Dora the Explorer is one of the best children TV shows today. What I like most about Dora is her can-do attitude (not just a pretty face), which I hope Little Edison will learn from her too.

Are your children a big fan of Dora too? 🙂



Poohwei January 19, 2011 at 7:07 PM

My 2 gals r BIG fans of DORA!! En En has watched so many different episodes thats she can re-tell the story when given the DORA story book without looking at the words..

Emily January 22, 2011 at 10:20 PM

Hi PoohWei,
Besides watching the DVD, Edison likes reading Dora story books too. I’ve been reading the books to him so many times that I can even memorize them. He can also read without looking at the words now. Haha!


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