Sentosa Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is known as the place for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities such as canoeing, skim boarding, mountain biking or rollerblading. It’s also a favourite hang out place for the young and beautiful, I would say.

What I like about this beach is that it is so clean and and pleasant, with plenty of bars, restaurants and facilities nearby. The pace and volume usually pick up at sunset.

Little Edison wanted to make sandcastles so we brought him to Siloso beach last weekend. As we walked passed a casual Italian eatery, we saw a very nice children playground on the beach. Little Edison quickly ran to the playground with excitement.

Soon, we learnt that the playground belongs to the Italian eatery named Trapizza. It serves pizzas, pastas, snacks and desserts. What a perfect place! It will be dinner by the sands accompanied by the soothing breezy sea for me and V. We ordered the crispy thin-crust pizzas which are made upon order using a traditional wood-fired oven. They are so delicious!

This combination of pizza, bar and beach is a great weekend hang-out, away from the bustling city and crowd. We shall make our way back someday.


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Godpa Kenneth

Little Edison looks exactly like a Big Boy now.

Albeit I do see my little godson every now and then, he looks like a Pri 1 boy in front of the megapixel machine.

Continue to bring him to his favourite places Da Sao. I believe children are able to learn more when they explore.

“my dear boy, look at how much you’ve grown.. .”

Huey Ling

Looks nice. I would like to George and Jayden there on day. Is the restaurant difficult to locate? I haven been to sentosa for yrs.

nicole aka arisz

Nice place! Will check it out soon with my boys!