Sentosa Underwater World

I’m in a shutdown mode since Christmas eve, I can’t help but wonder how time flies when I’m not working. Before I can even savor with much gusto the needed weekend rejuvenation, it’s back to work again. Tomorrow will be my first day of work in year 2011. School is starting tomorrow too.

Last week, we were busy exploring places in Singapore. We had beach outing at Sentosa, we visited the Underwater World (which I’m going to blog about it today), the Zoo, the Polliwogs and had a few shopping trips.

Sentosa Underwater World is a well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species from around the regions. It provides fun, leisure as well as educational experiences. After seven years since my last visit, the place gave me a totally refreshing experience again.

What I admire about Underwater World is its display concept that allows visitors to experience the mysterious ocean in an astounding proximity. Now, there is also a Dolphin Lagoon that completes a seamless visit to the bottom of the sea.

Near the entrance, there is a place not-to-be missed. It is the Touch Pool which is a big hit among the kids. They can sink their hands into the water and touch some of the small fishes, stingrays and starfishes in the pool. Amazing, isn’t it? Little Edison was extremely delighted that I’ve to keep reminding him not to catch the fish out of the pool.

The highlight of this oceanarium is definitely the 80-metre conveyor walkway that brings the visitors on an exciting voyage through the acrylic display tunnel, which houses sea creatures from diverse geographical origins of the world. I was particularly amazed by the giant grouper (it is as long as a human!) and the giant spider crabs.

Little Edison was totally mesmerised by the 250 different species of aquatic life presented in front of him. Then, he saw a diver carrying a bucket of fishes in the acrylic. He watched with excitement as the diver fed the big fishes with the small fishes. He said to me, “Mama, the big fish eats the small fish.”

Another highlight of the place is the Dolphin Lagoon. It has shows that run at roughly 30 minutes combining a dolphin-trainer and fur seals encounters. Unfortunately, we had to give it a miss due to the overwhelming crowds.

We really enjoyed out trip to the Underwater World. It’s a unique experience for all of us. It’s also an educational trip for our little boy.

For information on opening hours, admission charges and how to get there, please visit their official website at Have a splashing good time!


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