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Business Trip for Working Mother

For many working mothers, business trips are like mini-vacations. The simple pleasure of undisturbed sleep and meal can really feel like an indulgent getaway. Do you agree with me? Come on, it’s a break from family life and motherhood. No chores to tackle, no homework to oversee, no meals to prepare and no school hours to rush.

After slogging through airports, sitting through meetings and networking through lunches, at the end of the day, there is a small taste of freedom. And that’s the priviledge of a travelling working mother. I do enjoy it and I’m not going to lie.

Ever since I was pregnant in year 2007, I’ve been excused from overseas business trip. My bosses have been very understanding. When Little Edison was still young, I told them that I was unable to travel overseas for business. The travelling duties were since delegated to other junior staffs.

Little Edison is turning four this year. It’s time for me to say yes to business trips. My recent business trip to Taiwan was my first overseas trip since I gave birth to Little Edison. What really got me worried was the sleep factor. For the past three years, Little Edison is sleeping with me every night. The thought of my 3-year-old crying for mommy at night really worries me.

The combination of my not-so-hands-on hubby and not-so-independent helper is another factor. Are they able to take care of Little Edison when I’m away? Thankfully, my parents-in-law are around to help us out. Three days passed-by smoothly although at times Little Edison felt moody when he couldn’t find me.

Overall, the trip was fun and the audit was successful. I will share more pictures when I have time to process them.

Btw, do you notice the new theme on my blog? Do you like it? 🙂


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Love your new theme, fresh and clean-cut!

I’m the opposite.. haha. dread traveling ever since I have kids. My hubby says I just cant let go.. hee

Hey nice new look and feel for the blog great work. I enjoy my little trips away a nice glass of wine to wind down on the plane however always enjoy when I get home just as much for a cuddle


envy envy envy,, i wish i could get a weekend get-away or something. haa. u know sometimes i feel working hours is the time i get some “rest” , not i dun like to spend time with my children but they are really a handful at times and a break can help me to recuperate my energy..and working hours is the time i can have some peace.. haaa.. u feel so ?