In a few hours time, we’ll be flying off to Hong Kong for vacation. We will be back next Tuesday.

Will share stories and pictures of our trip next week.

It’s a great time to get-away from work and spend quality time with family. Little Edison will have lots of fun at The Disneyland.

Great shopping. Delicious cuisine. Disneyland. Awesome.


4 thoughts on “Holiday

    1. Hi Mico,
      Will share more about the trip next week. Little Edison sure enjoyed himself there. It’s a wonderful holiday for us. Good to hear that you’ll be going there too.

  1. glad to hear that u r back.. i cancelled my trip la.. cos my hubby not comfortable with the radiation thing he said we better stay put in spore/msia.. north is not safe.. sigh.. so maybe go cruise instead. but pls share ur trip, will be fun to read and photos to see.

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