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Japan Earthquake: How to Help

The Japan earthquake death toll went up to 5,692 yesterday and it is believed that it will exceed 10,000. This figure doesn’t take into account what the subsequent tsunami has done and those who may die in the aftermath of these tragedies.

Not forgetting, there are still nuclear plants in danger, risk of radiation, people suffering without electricity, food and clean water. The waves washed away many homes and caused severe property damage. The estimated losses to the Japanese are as high as US$200 billion – this figure is even more terrifying!

We can help the Japanese who is in dire need of food, clean water, clothing, baby formula, toiletries and medical supplies by making donation through Singapore Red Cross Society. Details are available HERE. I’ll be making my donation today too. Come on, we can do our part to help the Japanese!

The earthquake and tsunami also have a major impact to the semiconductor industry and its supply chain. This week, we’re all busy working with our suppliers to assess the exposure and supply situation. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of uncertainties as to when the production will return to its normal state.

Panic ordering and drastic orders pull-in from our own customers add insult to injury. Many customers fear that their orders will be affected because one of the major raw material supplier is located in the Fukushima area.

As a matter of fact, we’re also pressing our suppliers for daily updates and pulling-in all raw material supplies. Chain effect, we don’t have a choice! Personally, I believe that the situation is less severe. Just hope that the “unnecesary panic” will tone down by next week.

Did the Japan earthquake affect your job so far?


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