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“Mars Needs Moms” Movie Review + Free Tickets!

We have been lucky to be invited to watch the preview screening of Disney’s latest 3D animation – “Mars Needs Moms” last Monday. When I asked Little Edison whether he wants to watch the big TV in the cinema, his immediate response was YES! I wasn’t sure whether he knows what a cinema is. It’s indeed his first cinema experience and it’s also my first 3D experience.

In summary, this movie is about a 9-year-old boy, Milo (voiced by Seth Green), who doesn’t appreciate his mother (Joan Cusack) until she is abducted by the Martians. Milo then finds a way to travel to Mars and rescue his mom. You may wonder why the Martians need moms. It’s because they cannot take care of their own children so they abduct moms to extract their child-rearing ability to be downloaded into their nannybots.

The movie begins with Milo who is annoyed with being ordered to eat his broccoli by his mom. He secretly fed the broccoli to his cat and went to watch the TV. His mom found out about his trick after she heard the cat barfing. Milo is busted by his mom and sent to his room.

This is one of my favorite scenes when his mom said, “Life would be better for me if I don’t have to be a nagging mom” and Milo replied, “Life would be better for me if I didn’t have a mom.” Of course, his mom was shocked and sad when she heard his reply. She turned away, looking disappointed with tears rolling down her eyes.

Shortly, Milo began to miss his mom. He looked for her in her room and he discovered that she was abducted by Martians, who had studied their family from afar, sent a space ship to his lawn and speed her away. Milo ran right up to the space ship and screamed, “Let my mom go!”, he grabbed onto the ladder and he was lifted into the space ship as he began a rescue attempt.

Okay, I shall not reveal too much about this movie here. Nonetheless, it’s a sad fact that many of us realize how much we need our moms only when they are away from us. This science-fiction comedy reminds us as well as our kids that even if moms occasionally nag and discipline, they do it all out of love.

If your kids can sit still for one and a half hour in the cinema, then this is the movie that you can take them to during the school holidays next week. Better still if they can endure wearing a pair of plastic 3D glasses, you can even watch this movie in 3D. It’s fantastic, I tell you!

Now, I have another good news for all of you!

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore will sponsor 7 pairs of movie passes to my blog readers to catch this awesome movie. These movie passes can be exchanged for movie tickets to the 2D version of “Mars Needs Moms” and they can be used from 24 March 2011 onwards.

To win a pair of the movie passes, simply leave a comment on this post and let me know why you’re interested to watch this movie. Hurry, contest ends next Friday, 18 March 2011!

SEVEN winners will be randomly picked (using and their names will be announced by Monday, 21 March 2011. Please ensure that your e-mail address is correct. Good luck!

Special thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore and Profero for sponsoring the movie passes!

Per request from our sponsor, the closing date for this contest has been changed from 18 Mar 2011 to 15 Mar 2011. I will announce the name of the winners tomorrow. The movie passes can be used from tomorrow onwards.


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Ur review looks great! n it seems like a good reminder to all kids or adults alike to treasure their mummies 🙂


Thanks for the interesting review.
It will be fantastic if I could watch this educational movie with my son.
He’ll probably ask me alot of questions but I’m sure it will be beneficial for him.:)

reason? I love cartoons! i am a new mummy and i want to contribute to Mars as well. hehee =)

Interesting review, i cant wait to watch it 🙂


Nice review, will love to bring my gal to watch the movie so that she’ll find out how important I am to her. Although I always nag at her, it’s all for her own good… Ha Ha


Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good storyline. Hope to catch it, as my 4 YO girl is quite the sensitive soul, and I think this movie would appeal to her.


It would be the first movie for my little gal too! Will have good reason to ensure she eat her broccoli too!!


i want a good show for my family,it’s been awhile since we watched a movie together.


I have been wanting to bring my daughter to the cinema for her 1st movie experience and I think this will be a great 1st movie to watch with her.


My son is too young to watch de movie… but am sure i can do de storyline as a bedtime story for him….


Thanks for the review and opportunity for us to win this movie ticket.
I do hope that I am the lucky as I want to have mother -daughter bonding time while watching this incredible movie!!

Mum to Nic

Great review! Coincidentally when my little daughter misbehaved, I used to tell her to stop throwing tantrums or else the aliens from Mars may come and take me away. Hmmm, I’m guessing she’s enjoy this movie a lot … that is, if she can sit through a 1.5 hr show ;p

Lynn Teo

I would love to bring my little one to watch this movie as this movie looks interesting

Nick Kao

Cute Movie! I have to bring my son to watch this!


My boy will be delighted to watch the movie and me too!