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It was Saturday and V had to work. So, I brought Little Edison to the library at Compass Point together with my helper. After our reading session, we went down to Basement One for some kiddy rides.

We walked pass the children’s art and craft corner and Little Edison was showing some interest. I asked the lady if there is any art or craft suitable for a 3-year-old like him. She recommended the sand art to me.

So, we picked a picture to start. It’s actually quite easy but requires a lot of patience. All he needs to do is to peel off a die-cut piece of paper to expose the adhesive beneath, pour colored sand onto the adhesive until the artwork is completed.

I help him to peel off the die-cut piece of paper. He decides on the colors. It wasn’t too crowded that day, so he got a whole table and variety of colours to do the sand art all by himself.

It took us slightly more than half an hour to complete the art work. His concentration and interest really amazed me. And I really like that sense of satisfaction on his face after he completed his art work.

This is his first sand art! I proudly display it in my kitchen today.


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Hello Kitty become Hello Ketty already? Hehehe anyway, well done Edison! He’s so creative!


i ever dropped by that stall, but i feel the lady there is trying hard to sell (tat time only another child doing, weekday) one sheet is $8 or something i told her how come so x, she said she will coach the child, im thinking im with my child, it’s such a cimple art, why do i need you to coach so i din go for it and the lady showing “unhappy” face. maybe they have commission if get to seel the piece. haa.. anyway, you can try to get the sand art from ntuc fairprice, barney or dora… Read more »


hey, u have maid to clean up right. hee. i ask my maid to clean up after we are done with the art. tt’s why i said do it outside the house better. yes ! nice to meet you. i was so unsure when i saw u, but recognise Edison.. Is he the one who was crying when the show started i heard one boy crying saying “I want go home” am thinking dunno is Edison or not since u said he scared of the darkness. Lucky thing my girl was ok but she refuse to wear the spec. so… Read more »


Yesh, i noticed too, maybe it’s the gender thing? girl usually more matured than boy ? so, it started since young.. muahha.. my girl is few days younger than ur boy actually 🙂 and she is off pacifier ( you should try to wen him off his pacifier la) haa.. it may affect his teeth development/ speech ? im now trying to wean off the pacifier for my 1 yo .. he is very stuck with it.. i think will take longer to wean compare to my girl ! headache !