Sea, Sand and the Sun!

It’s the March school holidays, do you have any vacation plan for your family? We asked Little Edison yesterday and his answer was SENTOSA!

Off we go again to Sentosa. We quickly packed our picnic mat, beach toys, slippers, towels and swim suits.

There are three beaches in Sentosa. Tanjong Beach is the least crowded among the three, it’s ideal for people who are looking for a blissfully quiet place to swim and relax. Palawan Beach is more suitable for children and families; there is an animal show at the Palawan Amphitheatre and a viewing tower to get a paranomic view of Sentosa Island.

We prefer Siloso Beach, which is popular amoung youngsters and sport enthusiasts. Water sport, beach volleyball and other recreational activities are conveniently located along the beach. Not forgetting the bars and restaurants too!

We set-up our picnic mat under the shade and had our lunch. Little Edison ran around freely with his beach toys. It was a super hot day. At the end of the day, we were at least two shades darker.

Here are some pictures to share:

Have a sip of water after a shower!

Take a stroll at Imbiah Lookout

This is my favourite picture of the day!



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