Booster Seat

Finally migrated to a booster seat!

Little Edison loves it to bits. He has outgrown his baby car seat but he is still too young to be properly harnessed by the car seat belt alone.

This is one of my best buy ever – Ferrari booster seat, $89, from Babybaby at Marina Square.

3 thoughts on “Booster Seat

  1. Hi Emily, nice booster seat! Can I just check, do you have any idea what is the minimum age and/or weight for a toddler to be able to use this booster seat?

    1. Hi Adeline,
      According to the specs on the booster seat, this one is suitable for children above the weight of 15kg. My boy is about 15-16kg now. This Ferrari booster seat is really ultra cool. I like the black/red color.

  2. Hi Emily, thanks for your prompt response! Yes, the booster seat looks really cool! And it’s not that expensive! 🙂 I’m thinking of moving my boy to a booster seat as he hates being strapped onto the car seat now. 🙁 But looks like I gotta wait for a while more as he’s still below 15kg. Sigh…

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