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I’m so exhausted. There is simply not enough hours in the day. And there is not enough energy to survive on either.

I was swamped with works ever since I came back from Hong Kong. After work, I want to spend quality time with Little Edison. When he goes to bed, I’m struggling again to finish what I wanted to do – laundry, ironing, packing up Little Edison’s stuffs for the next day and sometimes office works.

Last night, I slept quite late. I need to pack our luggage again. We’ll be flying to Ipoh, Malaysia this Thursday. I so miss my parents, siblings and home-sweet-home in Ipoh. Really look forward a long weekend with my family members.

May should be a better month as there are so many public holidays to look forward. Labour Day replacement holiday on 2 May, Polling Day replacement holiday on 9 May and Vesak Day on 17 May. Cool! And the June school holidays after that. I can’t wait.


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maidless days not easy right? since u r used to it. i feel as a FTWM, with maid around, we can have a better quality of life. but maid has to be trouble-less.. 🙂 All the best ! Enjoy ur holidays !


Hi Emily,

Are you taking Firefly to Ipoh? How would you rate firefly?

We will travelling to Ipoh with my 2yr old boy but still undecided to drive or to fly. Any advice as you are a season traveller 🙂



it’s tough. hang in there.