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Introducing: RE-ON

We all fancy Japanese products because of their good quality. They are genuine, practical and creative too! However, it’s not easy to find imported Japanese products in Singapore except for Daiso and Meidi-ya.

Recently, I was invited to review RE-ON online store that specialises in imported Japanese products from infant formula, diapers, children toys, stationery and educational materials to daily household products. RE-ON also carries Japanese brands like Meiji, Snow Brand, Morinaga and Wakodo.

I gladly said YES! BRING IT ON!

As an introduction, Re-on Holdings Limited is a trading company affiliated to a Japanese trading company, Crystal Group. Crystal Group has built a strong reputation through its years of experience in import and export trading in Hong Kong. In order to meet the increasing demand for premium Japanese products in the local market, Re-On constantly sources for the latest products and offer them at the most affordable prices to their customers.

Now, let’s hop on to RE-ON online store and take a look at their products. On the main page, you’ll see the different categories of products available at RE-ON.



Anpanman Corner

I’m particularly attracted to the Anpanman Corner. RE-ON sent this Anpanman Cutlery Set for Little Edison. It consists of a spoon, fork, plate, soup bowl, rice bowl and a drinking cup. A perfect 6-in-1 set! They are beautifully designed, light-weight and they can be easily handled by the little fingers.


RE-ON also sent this Anpanman Sand Castle Building Set for Little Edison. It has a rake, a scoop, two plactic molds, a watering can and a sand pail. It comes in a plastic carrier with handles that we can easily bring out for our beach outings. They are everything for Little Edison to construct a sandy masterpiece!

Premium Products

Now, let’s take a look at the premium products. It’s the Hello Kitty Air Refreshener! I desperately need one for my car. This will be the 8th Hello Kitty item in my car! It’s cute and smells good too.


I received some samples of pull-up pants from RE-ON. This is Kao Merries Walker Pull-up Pants. It’s made of water-absorbent and breathable sheets. Extremely soft, light and comfortable!

If you go for comfort, I’ll highly recommend this brand to you. The quality is superb but the cost is slightly higher than other brands in the supermarket. But again, this is imported product. No doubt, the cost will be a little higher. I don’t mind to pay more as long as the quality is there.

Little Edison loves it too!

Wet Tissues

I have three brands of wet tissues to experiment on – the Unicharm Moony Baby Wet Tissue Ultra-Moist, Pigeon Baby Wet Tissue and Nepia Genki Alcohol-Free Wet Tissues. I love the first one because it’s extremely soft, moist and alcohol-free.

My Summary

Overall, we really like the products from RE-ON. Would I buy and use them again? My answer is YES! I hope you’ll find something good and useful too.

I also like the fact that RE-ON provides free delivery for purchases more than SG$200 to one delivery address. You can order in bulk and have them delivered to your door step. For order below SG$200, a delivery charge of SG$15 will be incurred. Alternatively, you may also visit their warehouse at Tagore Lane.

If you’re already a regular customer at RE-ON, let me know what is your favorite product. I love to hear from you!


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