Maid Issues

Maidless Week 3

Our helper has gone for three weeks now. V wasn’t satisfied with her performance so we transferred her back to our maid agency. I start to get used to waking up without a cup of piping hot coffee, breakfast won’t be ready for me and my bed won’t be made up either. But it’s okay.

V and I are trying very hard to keep the house from falling apart. Okay, it’s not really that bad actually. I don’t have any talent in cooking but I do have some domestic talent to keep my house spick and span.

Besides keeping our routines going, we have to juggle our full-time jobs, manage all house chores and take care of Little Edison. It’s no walk in the park but it’s definitely not mission impossible that I’ve initially thought.

Thankfully, my parents-in-law are able to take care of Little Edison without a helper. I’m really very grateful to them. Without a helper, everyone does their part to keep the house tidy. Little Edison will ultimately learn to be more independent and less reliable on others to do certain tasks for him.

Amazingly, without a helper, there is no argument at home. Sometimes, I quarrelled with V over issues pertaining to the helper. V also often quarelled with his father because of the helper. Now, I don’t hear that anymore. This is really something that I can enjoy now – PEACE at home!

Last but not least, our Little Edison has been such a good boy after the helper left. Strangely, he finishes his meals and milk most of the time. He no longer run all over the house to be fed. I clean him, make breakfast for him and drive him to school every morning. I feed him dinner and shower him every evening. I read story books and play games with him every night. I truly enjoy these bonding times.

Three weeks have passed. I’m confident that it’s still manageable without a helper at home. We just have to work fast, manage our time and close one eye on the mess in the house (if we’re really too busy to clean up!).

At this point of time, we’re still undecided whether to hire a helper again. Or maybe just a part-time helper?


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