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Tips to Share About HK Disneyland

I first visited Tokyo Disneyland in year 2007 with V. That time, I was still pregnant with Little Edison. Initially I thought I was too old for Mickey and friends but, well, I ended up as excited as a young girl again.

It’s well renowned that Hong Kong Disneyland is much smaller than the ones in Florida and Los Angeles, and even compared to Tokyo and Paris. However, the atmosphere is still the same and the joy it brings to little children is palpable.

Overall, Hong Kong Disneyland is a good introduction to the world of Disney for parents with young children. It’s compact enough to complete within a day. It’s also exciting enough to spend another day if you have a two-day pass.

Here are some tips to share about Hong Kong Disneyland. If you’re planning a trip there, I hope that these tips are beneficial to you.


Strollers are available for rental at only HK$60 a day (SGD10). Very handy that you don’t have to bring your own. These strollers are in good condition, reasonably clean with padded seat and water-proof cover.

Baby Care Center

Nursing rooms, diaper-changing facilities and a kitchen with hot water, microwave oven, fridge and even baby bottle warmer are available here. There are also toys for the older kids. It’s very convenient even if you bring your baby along.


I would advise you to allocate at least one hour to browse through the many shops within the park. A mind-boggling array of merchandise can be found at these shops – canned biscuits, clothings, soft toys, watches, bags, hair accessories, key chains, magnets, photo frames and many more.

There are also smaller themed shops available at the exits of some popular rides. If you’re staying at Hollywood or Disneyland Hotel, you can request for free delivery of your items to your hotel. It’s just too convenient to shop, isn’t it?


It’s a special ticket that allows you to come back at a designated time later for the attraction so that you don’t waste time queuing. However, not many attractions offer this Fastpass though.

Special Offers

If you’re planning a trip to HK Disneyland, do check out their special offers on hotels, tickets and even dining.

Bring Lots of Snacks and Water

If you intend to spend the whole day at the Disneyland (until the fireworks start at 8pm), I would advise you to bring lots of snacks and water to fill the little tummies. Coco crunch, peanuts and Milo are Little Edison’s energizers.


The Tinkerbell Castle Illumination starts at 7pm daily and the Disney in the Stars Fireworks starts an hour later. It’s something that you should not miss here. The lights and fireworks are magnificent. Be ready 15 minutes before the firework starts with your camera. It certainly worth the wait!

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mico April 5, 2011 at 8:30 AM


Did you go on ur own, like book ur air ticket, hotel and all or follow tour? cos initially i plan to book on my own. now the offer is pay one day price for 2 days admission for disneyland right? Which hotel u stay outside of DL? or you jst went to DL alone , never venture out?

Emily April 6, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Hi Mico,
We went on our own (not by tour). Yes, the hotel includes 2-day admission tickets. I stay at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. We also visited many places in HK. Will write about it soon.


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