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Dental Check-Up (Part 1)

This is the first time I blog about our dental experience with Little Edison, but in fact, this was our third visit to the dentist.

As most of us are aware, once our child has a full set of teeth, usually around the age of two, we should start taking him/her to the dentist for twice-yearly check-ups.

Little Edison’s first visit to the dentist was in November last year (at the age of 3). I went for my twice-yearly check-up with my dentist and I brought him along. My dentist is Dr. Kevin Ong from The Dentist@Orchard. He’s the friendliest and the gentlest dentist that I’ve ever seen.

I used to dread going to the dentist due to the phobia I developed in the early years of my life. When I was a kid, there was only ONE dentist in my home town. I had several bad experiences with this Indian dentist. When I started school, my experience with the school dentist was another nightmare. The dentist and dental nurses were extremely unfriendly and rough.

When I started working, I looked for good and quality dental services as cost is no longer a concern. I’m glad to meet Dr. Kevin seven years ago and since then, I no longer dread visiting the dentist. His clinic has a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly, he is extremely gentle and has a great affinity with children too.

This is our boy at Dr. Kevin Ong’s clinic:

Little Edison’s first dental check-up turned out pretty well. Dr. Kevin spent the first few minutes getting him familiarized with the dentist’s chair, lamp, tools and environment. When he was seated comfortably and in a relaxed manner, Dr. Kevin examined his teeth and polished away the milk stains.

There is no major issue that requires further treatment, however, Dr. Kevin advised us to brush the chewing surface of the molar teeth properly as they are prone to cavities. So, we returned home happily with Little Edison’s teeth sparking clean and white.

About four months after the visit, we noticed two little black holes in his first molars. Omg. I can’t help but blame myself for not brushing his teeth properly. But he isn’t complaining of any toothache, so I really have no idea when the tooth decay actually began. I’ve to bring him to the dentist as soon as possible.

This post is to be continued…


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wow.. decay at this age.. i’ve got to be careful with my gir’s teeth too. I only brought her to her first dentist visit this March. She refuse to sit on the chair, but was ok when i sit on the chair and she sits on top of me. haa. hers was ok during the check. are u still using my first teeth toothpaste, i have switched to normal kids toothpaste with fluoride which i thk can better protect their teeth


Hi Emily, can I check wif u Dr Kelvin dental clinic address and contact no. Cos me need to bring my son to see dentist too. Thk u.


Thks Emily for the infor!

Thank you for sharing this post. I find it really interesting and I really enjoyed reading this. A frequesnt visit to the dentist is really important!