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Dental Check-Up (Part 2)

The thought of cavities really sent a shiver down my spine. I need to get Little Edison treated by the dentist as soon as possible. I thought that a pediatric dentist would be a good choice for young children, thus I did a search on the internet. And I found Dr. Ong Yean Sze, a pediatric specialist from SmileFocus.

I rang the clinic to make an appointment. Unfortunately, Dr. Ong’s Saturday schedule has been fully booked till August. I’ve no choice but to make an appointment on a weekday two weeks later. On the day itself, The Hubby and I took childcare leave to bring Little Edison to see Dr. Ong.

Our appointment was 10am, so we trundled down to the clinic at Camden Medical Centre immediately after breakfast. The clinic is new, modern and elegant too. There is a play area equipped with electronic games, a TV, books, toys and coloring materials for the children and a waiting room with refreshments, newspapers and magazines for the parents.

“Be prepared to pay a hefty bill today, dear”, I whispered to The Hubby. He looked around the first-class clinic, smiled and he said “Yes!”

We waited for less than five minutes before we get to see Dr. Ong. She is very pleasant and professional. Firstly, she wanted to know Little Edison’s diet, eating and tooth brushing habits. By the time we finished explaining, she already had an idea what is wrong with Little Edison’s teeth.

Basically, she is concerned that we’re feeding Little Edison with too many milk feeds and sweet drinks. Simply put, sugar equals cavities. At this age, he should be getting most of his nutrients through solid food. Sweet drinks, including formula milk, Yakult and fruit juices, should be restricted to only one feeding per day.

Well, this is tough for us. Little Edison is notorious for being picky with food, therefore we’re supplementing with formula milk. He needs Yakult and fruit juices to prevent constipation too.

These are some important advice from Dr. Ong to prevent dental cavities in our children. I really want to share with all of you:

1. Reduce frequency of sweetened or acid food.

2. Reduce the frequency of sweet drinks (including formula milk) to once a day.

3. Reduce snacks like sweets, ice-cream and chocolate and strictly limit them to certain “treat days” only, i.e. during parties or events when other children are also eating them.

4. Use normal adult toothpaste. Yes, you heard it right. Normal children’s toothpaste is not strong enough to prevent tooth decay due to low fluoride concentration.

5. Lastly, brushing before bedtime is important. Brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once a day and visit the dentist regularly.

Dr. Ong did a thorough examination and she confirmed that further treatment is necessary to fix the cavities. I was a little puzzled to hear that the treatment may progress under general anaesthetic. Concerned over the need for GA, coupled with high cost, we’ve decided not to pursue further treatment at Smilefocus.

To cut the story short, we went back to my dentist, Dr. Kevin Ong. I’m so glad to hear that he does fillings for young children too. Last weekend, we brought Little Edison to Dr. Kevin Ong’s clinic for his first filling. The decay is removed with an instrument, water and debris are then sucked way. The cavity is then filled with composite (tooth-colored filling). The whole process is completed within five minutes, without the use of a local anaesthetic.

Amazing, isn’t it? We’ll see Dr. Kevin Ong again next month for another filling. This should solve his dental problem for the time-being. Hopefully.


Dr. Kevin Ong’s clinic is located at:

The Dentist@Orchard Pte Ltd

51 Cuppage Road

#01-08 Starhub Centre

Singapore 229469

Tel: 65 6738-5833

Useful Notes:


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Huey ling May 25, 2011 at 4:01 PM

He is a good boy. He can sit there to have his teeth done with no fuss. I’ve been wanting to take george to the dentist long time ago, but i think he will cry and stuggle fiercely. Till now, going for haircut is still a nightmare. Daddy need to be the one to hold him real tight from struggling and i will be the one to hold his head. I cant imagine him gg to the dentist.

Emily May 26, 2011 at 1:28 PM

Hi Huey Ling,
How are you, sis? Long time never hear from you. There is no update in ur blog recently, so I thought you must be very busy. How’s school with George?

Yeah, luckily he is willing to cooperate with the dentist. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a headache for us. Most importantly, don’t scare him by saying negative words like pain, blood etc.

Edison used to have problem with haircut too. But now, he has finally settled down – abt half a year ago. He will sit there and allow the stylist to cut his hair. Completely fuss-free now. We bring him for haircut once a month because his hair grows quite fast.

Chip August 26, 2011 at 3:33 PM

Hi Emily – Thanks for writing this. We are just visiting Singapore (from China) for one week and decided to take our son Jojo in for a couple of fillings. I was about to call Camden to make an appointment there when I read your post here, and called Kevin Ong instead. He was every bit as wonderful as you said. Jojo was very panicky at first, but Dr. Kevin was able to calm him down (with about a half hour of coaxing) and we got two fillings done very easily and painlessly. He is definitely a fantastic dentist for kids. Cheers, Chip

Emily August 30, 2011 at 11:13 AM

Hi Chip,
Nice to hear that! Yeah, Dr Kevin Ong is really wonderful. My boys likes him a lot too, and the fact that he enjoys his dental visits, I’m so relieved.

Maddy February 27, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Hi, I just want to thank you for introducing Dr Ong to us as we were so glad to hve met him to treat the cavities for my son! Thanks so much! He is wonderful!

Emily February 28, 2012 at 9:02 AM

Hi Maddy,
You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that you like Dr Ong too. We just went for our dental check-up two weeks ago, and my boy had his two molars filled. Dunno why he is prone to cavities despite regular brushing. My son likes him a lot. In fact, he enjoys going to his clinic! 🙂


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