About Edison

Edison – 3 Years, 8 Months

  • Expert in climbing and hopping.
  • Water tap and hoses are his favorite things to play now.
  • Fussy about trivial things like sand in his sandals, dirty hands, wet shirt etc.
  • Great at playing by himself or with other kids of his age.
  • Loves all the Dora characters, including The Grumpy Old Troll.
  • Shares his food and drinks only with Mama, and not Papa.
  • Has been taking Pediasure (chocolate flavor) since a year ago.
  • Height: close to 100cm (he needs an ez-link card very soon!)
  • Weight: 17kg, maybe?

He is a wonderful and charming little person with a big heart. My life is beautiful with him by my side.

I love you, Edison!


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