Great Time for a Dip

The weather is crazy. It’s getting so hot these days. Great time for a dip in the pool, soOoo good that he doesn’t feel like coming out!

He doesn’t know how to swim yet, but he’s becoming more daring these days. Jumping in and out of the pool, playing with the other children and squirting each other with water.

His laughter, his chattering teeth and his little muscled torso make my heart melts into a glorious mush of love. He is so lovely, so beautiful, my son.

My firstborn son, so big now and he is learning to swim. I feel so blessed!


5 thoughts on “Great Time for a Dip

  1. Having the luxury to be at home for the past 5 days, I have has the opportunity to spend quality time with my godson, Edison.

    Ah An, his pet name which we fondly sing, has grown passed his toddler stage and gradually progresses into his next phase of life – becoming an independent boy.

    As Yeye and Ah Ma need to carry out some banking administrations, we seize the chance to bring him to Marina Bay Sands.

    In Sands, he is able to stretch his curiosity into diversed areas.

    Instead of asking to go to Candy Empire or make a detour to Toys R Us, Little Edison insist to know why is there a ‘ river with sampans’ in the middle of SANDS ? Well-dressed Gucci-clad risk takers strolling in-out of the various casino walkways also intrigued his attention. High rollers from across the Pacific congregated in the mall and one lady even gave Edison a smile that resembles that of a victorian lady.

    MIU MIU and Mont Blanc are just some of the many names that I exposed Little Edison too. To him, they were just tounge twisting games and he would let out a childlike laughter when he contorts between the syllabuses to burst out those brand names that are worth millions if Forbes would measure.

    After Yeye and Ah Ma has finished that depositions, we brought Edison around SANDS.

    Edison loves it.

    On our way in the car, I asked Little Edison for 4 numbers.

    Looking at me with the most blissful aura, was spelt.

    Well, probaly influnced by the high rollers in SANDS, I did my fair bit to contribute to Singapore Pools, after my dinner with Yeye and Ah Ma.

    Secretly, I reached into my pocket to raise an investment.


    All proceeds will go to Little Edisons Savings Account.

    Because you’re worth it

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thanks for bringing the boy to MBS.. It’s his first visit, that’s for sure… He isn’t a fan of Candy Empire though, but he loves playground and slides…

    1. Hi Faithful Reader,
      Oh, I so love your nick! Hehehe… The plan for Baby #2 has been put on KIV for quite sometime liao.. I’m just plain lazy to take care of another baby now… 🙂

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