Lancome Blanc Expert Whitening Skincare

This is the very first time I bought Lancome skincare products. To begin with, I was particularly attracted to its Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate that is widely advertised on the magazines and newspaper. I bought the products from the airport duty-free shop, so the prices are much cheaper than shopping malls.


I’m using the BLANC EXPERT Ultimate Whitening Purifying Foam with my Clarisonic Mia. This gentle cleaner wash off dead skin cells and cleanses pores very effectively. My skin feels so soft and smooth after cleansing.


I’m using the BLANC EXPERT Ultimate Whitening Refining Beauty Lotion – Very Moist ($89, 200ml). This toner has intense collagen renewing and deep moisturing effect. Upon application, it feels slightly oily before it’s completely absorbed by the skin. This toner comes in two variations – Moist and Very Moist. I should have bought the Moist type instead of Very Moist as my T-zone is quite oily.

Nonetheless, after using this toner for a month, I felt that my skin is slightly replumped and yellowness is greatly reduced.


I apply the Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate after my toner. It is neither greasy nor sticky. It penerates very quickly into my skin; leaving it soft and smooth almost instantly.

What’s my verdict of this yummylicious serum? I absolutely love it! I can truly say this after using it for two weeks now – my skin appears much more glowing and radiant than before! Believe me; you can feel the effects as soon as one week of application.


After Genifique, I apply a pearl size of BLANC EXPERT GN-WHITE Spot Eraser all over my face. I’m not seeing any dramatic results at the moment. I believe it takes at least a month of two to tackle those brown spots. I’m confident that this product will work, so I’m keen to continue using it.


I use this BLANC EXPERT Firmness Restoring Whitening Night Cream ($155)  at night as my final step of skincare. This cream was given to me as free sample during my purchase. It’s 15ml, not too little. So, I believe it will last me for a month. If it’s good, I’ll purchase another bottle and continue using it.

This cream is very rich, thus it makes my skin feels oily after application. However, it really delivers fantastic result! My skin feels firmer, denser and smoother every morning after I wash my face.

All in all, I’m really happy with Lancome Blanc Expert skincare products. They worked very well for my skin and I’ll definitely continue using them for a more dramatic results.


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Hi Emily,
I’m using Genifique too, I’m loving it! I’m going for my second bottle very soon…


May I know which duty -free shop at the airport?
Interested in buy lancome product at cheaper price =)


so the price you wrote above is already less 20%-30%?


Hi Emily.. I’m using genefique too..
Juz use 4 days I fell the affect so fast my skin appears
glowing n radiant than before..
I’m really loving tis product!!


O yah.. Nw i using visionnaire advance skin corrector too after genefique, bcos i heard the review used after genefique the result better far it ok lar bcos can used at eyes even delicated eyes also can used it..if genefique for eyes so so onli..