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Mother’s Day 2011

We all know that treating our mothers to something beautiful on Mother’s Day is essential. They need to know that they’re loved and appreciated, and just a Mother’s Day card alone is not enough.

Mothers do everything for their families. From cooking, cleaning, educating and childcare to inculcating good values to her children, mothers do whatever it takes to impart warmth and comfort to their loved ones.

Mothers become nurses when any family member falls sick. They are always there to offer advice, be it on relationships, troubles at school or at work. Till today, I still need the wise assistance and advice from my mother or mother-in-law, especially when it comes to family and childcare issues.

What I really like about Mother’s Day is that it’s also a family bonding day. Too often, children are preoccupied with school and the husband and/or the wife are preoccupied with work. This day allows everyone to spend quality time together. It’s a good chance to bond with the other members of the family too.

Everyone gets together and share a meal. We can also go for movies or outings together. No matter how we spend the day, it usually means the same thing – spending quality time with each other AND with the emphasis on making it special for mommy.

There are many reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day but the essence of this day is still to show LOVE and appreciation for our dear mothers. I’d like to wish all Mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

We went for buffet dinner at Spice Brasserie in Parkroyal Hotel to celebrate this special day. Here are some family pictures to share:


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