Parent-Teacher Meeting 2011

I can’t believe how quickly two school terms have come and gone. Little Edison has almost completed half a year in school and the June school holiday is about to begin. No more dragging him out of bed, no more ironing of school uniforms and no more school hour rush in the morning – for one month! I really appreciate that, especially when I can sleep in for additional half an hour in the morning.

I met with his teachers yesterday during our first Parent-Teacher Meeting this year. His teacher, Mrs. Yu, handed to me his progress report and we spent the next 15 minutes reviewing it. I deeply appreciate the efforts from his teachers to compile the progress report that contains arts and worksheets that he did at school, pictures of him participating in various activities as well as development checklist.

Generally, Little Edison is progressing very well in the areas of language, maths and motor skills. His teacher was most impressed when he can recognize all the 26 letters, upper and lowercase, as well as their phonics sounds. He’s also good in word recognition. He can recognize the words “Monday” to “Sunday” and arrange them in order.

One thing that really took me by surprise in his progress report is that he can write his own name. I didn’t even know that! Apparently, the students are taught to write their names on the worksheets as soon as they receive them. Well, I sure need him to demonstrate to me tonight.

The only area that he scored an average is creative expression, which is the use of music, movement, drama, or art to communicate. He doesn’t really like singing, dancing and performances. We need to work together to nurture the creative side of him.

Overall, his level of independence has greatly improved too. I’m delighted to hear that he can do a lot of things by himself, like going to the toilet, wash his hands, eat his breakfast, take off his shoes and put them on, listen to instructions and obey rules.

I must say that I’m very thankful to the patience and care that the teachers have given to my boy. The kindergarten is well run and it has a very positive and friendly learning environment. Last but not least, we’re also appreciative of the school’s efforts to keep us informed on the latest developments in school via circulars.


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