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Relationship with In-Laws: How Do You Fare?

This is probably my first post on family dynamics. In general, I think we have it very good. My parents-in-law are staying in Serangoon and it’s about 15 minutes drive from our home in Sengkang. We meet each other almost every day. We have outings at least once a month.

My parents-in-law are incredibly helpful and supportive to us. They adore and take care of Little Edison unconditionally. For that, I’m really very grateful to them. I can focus on my career because I’m certain that my son is well taken care of.

Surprisingly enough, I think our relationship has gotten better since Little Edison was born. He is the “mutual interest” in our relationship. They love Little Edison as much as I do. Despite her health problems, my mother-in-law still takes good care of us and cooks for us. I’ve learned to embrace her enthusiasm and appreciate her adoration for my son.

I’m fortunate that I haven’t had any major parents-in-law issues. That being said, I’ve been very open and flexible in building my relationship with them from the very beginning of my marriage. My parents-in-law love me as much as their own flesh and blood. I’ll always keep this in my mind. I, too, will love them and take care of them as my own parents.

I’ve discovered in the five years of my marriage, that LOVE and RESPECT for our parents-in-law is the key. Most importantly, we should never get into an argument or confrontation with them and force our spouse to take sides. On the other hand, we should never vent our family problems to either set of our parents too.

How do you fare in dealing with your in-laws? Are there things about them that drive you mad? Are you able to discuss the issues with your spouse? And lastly, do you have any rules of thumb to share on this topic? I love to hear from you.


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