Cockroach Business

The Hubby used to tell me that he played with cockroaches when he was young. My reply to him was, “You don’t have any better things or toys to play with when you were young?” I gave him a super disgusted look.

I guess that’s the reason why he is not afraid of cockroaches. He can even sleep with them during his army training in the jungle.

When I got home yesterday, Little Edison ran to me with excitement dazzling in his eyes. He said, “Mama, I show you something. Look at that!” and he pointed at a plastic bag on the floor.

I squatted down to take a closer look. There is a COCKROACH in the plastic bag! And it’s still ALIVE!

A baby cockroach can send me screaming in frenzy. You can’t imagine my reaction when I saw a live cockroach of this size. Omg.

My mother-in-law caught that cockroach, put it in a plastic bag and tied it up. I think she wants to throw it away but our boy wants to keep it for a while.

SIGH. I hope the cockroach won’t bite the plastic bag and escape again.


2 thoughts on “Cockroach Business

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Oh yeah, I guess you r not afraid of cockroach now. Good training since young, huh! My mom should have done that too so that I can overcome my fear for cockroaches. Haha!

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